Heatons post Network

From its base at Heatons Post Hub, Heatons Post Network works to support and connect all sectors of the Heatons and Reddish community, from businesses to community groups, support groups, and local residents. 

The Heatons Post Network operates as a members group and your subscription contribution will support the Heatons Post Hub community space and all the activities of the Heatons Post Network. 

Fundamentally, the Heatons Post Network is about providing a support network for all sectors of the community. By participating in events, projects and the opportunities available through the Network and Hub, subscribers will benefit from being part of a united and supportive community-wide network that works to support the Heatons and Reddish community.


This is not a network that asks "What is in it for me?" 

This is a network that seeks to build connections and

support across the community, working for the benefit of all.



  • To support the Heatons Post Hub which is working to connect and support all sectors of the Heatons and Reddish community. 

  • Easy access to local information.

  • A readily available local network for ideas sharing.

  • Opportunity to participate in collaborative events and projects for the Heatons and Reddish which will be organised from the Hub.

  • To feel part of a community that supports you and that you support in turn. 


  • Online public profile linking to your own site

  • Support over Social Media channels

    • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Opportunity to take part in projects and events designed to benefit the Heatons and Reddish as a whole by encouraging a sense of community, shopping local and raising the visibility of the area and its businesses

  • Opportunity to display promotional material in the Hub

  • Opportunity to hold a free ‘pop-up’ each year in Heatons Post Hub 

  • Opportunity to attend networking meetings at Heatons Post Hub 

  • Access to a bookable meeting space in the Hub

  • Discounts on advertising rates in Heatons Post and Cheadle Post

  • Access to a point of contact for local information and relevant contacts

  • Exclusive invitations to alternative meet-up activities for ideas sharing. 


  • Businesses based in SK4 and SK5

    • (both those with and without premises)

  • Registered not-for-profit organisations based within SK4 & SK5

  • Community Interest Companies based within SK4 & SK5

  • Charities based within SK4 & SK5

  • Schools based within SK4 & SK5

  • Faith groups based within SK4 & SK5

What DOES it cost?

  • Businesses Subscription: £5 per month

  • Community Subscription: Free

    • Community groups, charities, schools, not-for-profit organisations

For more information please pop to the Heatons Post Hub, 11 Tatton Road South, Heaton Moor,
or email news@heatonspost.co.uk